Vegetable juice is a popular drink all over the world. Vegetable juice is an alternative to fruit juice. Vegetable juices are the perfect fast food for today's eat-on-the-run lifestyle. Vegetable juice is one of the most perishable foods. It would be best to drink all of your juice immediately. Vegetable juice will improve your health, condition, skin and body by providing fresh drinks that include important vitamins, without the tough digestible fibers.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Vegetable juice can reduce blood sugar levels

Diabetes is a lifelong, chronic disease that is caused by too little insulin or a resistance to insulin.

High blood sugar can damage the tiny capillaries that bring oxygen and nutrient-rich blood from the arteries to the rest of the body.

Raw fiber carbohydrates in vegetables found better tolerated by diabetics than cooked ones, and that they help to stabilize blood sugar levels. It is a vital factor in appetite control, because it’s very low in sugar.

The sugar percentage of vegetable juice is much lower than that of fruit juice and the calorie count is up to 50 percent less, yet the juice succeeds in satisfying a sweet tooth.

Fiber slows digestion and the release of sugars into the bloodstream. Eating more fiber will help to control blood sugar. Hemicellulose, mucilages, gums, and pectins are all water-soluble forms of fiber and these are the fibers that can be found in fresh vegetable juice.

*For diabetes, a mixture of equal quantities of amla juice and bitter gourd juice taken every morning show a reduction in blood glucose levels.
Vegetable juice can reduce blood sugar levels


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