Vegetable juice is a popular drink all over the world. Vegetable juice is an alternative to fruit juice. Vegetable juices are the perfect fast food for today's eat-on-the-run lifestyle. Vegetable juice is one of the most perishable foods. It would be best to drink all of your juice immediately. Vegetable juice will improve your health, condition, skin and body by providing fresh drinks that include important vitamins, without the tough digestible fibers.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Brinjal juice

The fruit is an excellent cholesterol regulator. When rabbits with high cholesterol were given brinjal juice, their blood cholesterol, the cholesterol in their artery walls and the cholesterol in their aorta was significantly reduce , while the walls of their blood vessels relaxes, improving blood flow.

It is very effective too, when used externally in a fat or oil-based preparation to relieve haemorrhoidal discomfort.

Brinjals contain higher amounts of vitamin B than other vegetables. Dark purple colored brinjals have a good vitamin C content-better than the light colored ones.

Brinjal juice is found to be an effective remedy for toothache.
Brinjal juice


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